Installation #


Quickstart #

The easiest way to get started is the quickstart. The quickstart is a full FTC Android Studio project with preinstalled Road Runner, FTC Dashboard, and tuning utilities. You can download it from the GitHub page or clone it with git clone Then open the folder as an FTC project and head over to the tuning page for next steps.

Installing into an Existing Project #

Even if you have an existing project, it may be easier to start with the quickstart and copy your other files over.
If you’re migrating from Road Runner 0.5.x, start by removing all references to Road Runner in your Gradle files and elsewhere in your project. Road Runner 1.0.x is not backwards compatible.
  1. Open the TeamCode build.gradle file and add

    repositories {
       maven {
          url = ''

    between the android and dependencies blocks. Also put

    implementation "com.acmerobotics.roadrunner:ftc:0.1.12"
    implementation "com.acmerobotics.roadrunner:core:1.0.0-beta8"
    implementation "com.acmerobotics.roadrunner:actions:1.0.0-beta8"
    implementation "com.acmerobotics.dashboard:dashboard:0.4.14"

    at the end of the dependencies block.

  2. Run a Gradle sync.

  3. Download the quickstart here, by either cloning it with git or downloading it from GitHub.

  4. Navigate to the teamcode folder (in the project it’s at TeamCode/src/main/java/org/firstinspires/ftc/teamcode) and copy all of the files there (including the messages and tuning folders) to the teamcode folder of your existing project.

You’re done! Time to continue on to tuning or read about the new features in Road Runner 1.0 here.