Class ParallelAction

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    public final class ParallelAction
     implements Action

    Action combinator that executes the action group initialActions in parallel. Each call to run on this action calls run on every live child action in the order provided. Completed actions are removed from the rotation and do not prevent the completion of other actions. This action completes when all of initialActions have.

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      final List<Action> getInitialActions()
      Boolean run(TelemetryPacket p) Runs a single uninterruptible block.
      Unit preview(Canvas fieldOverlay) Draws a preview of the action on canvas fieldOverlay.
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      • ParallelAction

        ParallelAction(Action actions)
      • ParallelAction

        ParallelAction(List<Action> initialActions)
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      • run

         Boolean run(TelemetryPacket p)

        Runs a single uninterruptible block. Returns true if the action should run again and false if it has completed. A telemetry packet p is provided to record any information on the action's progress.